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IranDaru Pharmaceutical Co. (Public Joint Stock) is a well-established and professionally managed pharmaceutical company which manufactures various dosage forms under direct surveillance of Iranian Ministry of Health GMP Guidelines (see pages 6 to 10) where located at Tehran, Iran.

This manufacturing company was founded in 1965 named “Cyanamid KBC” under license of an American company in a built-in area approximately 21600 sq. meters. This manufacturing company was exploited under formal permission of Public Health & Industries ministry in 1966. After revolution of Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, this company has been changed its name to IranDaru Co.

After that, IranDaru Co. has recorded an excellent growth to reach its present standing as a positive growing company in the health care field. It has ever strived to improve its facilities via carrying out regular inspection and updating technologies for products and processes according to EU GMP standards; so, it enjoys a rich-manufacturing experience of about 50 years along with noticeable progress and close contact to famous and well-known pharmaceutical companies, governmental and private universities and research and scientific centers in order to develop products quality and customer‟s health care has been the main concern to be improved.

IranDaru Co. novel products will be exported to many countries in light of Managing Director believes. This company manufactures products in three main dosage form categories namely Solid, Semi-solid and Liquid which are detailed as follow: Tablets, Capsules, Pellets, Sachets, Gels, Creams, Ointments (sterile and non-sterile), Spray Solutions and Syrups. Regarding to ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System standards series, IranDaru Co. has tried to establish a logical and practical supply chain evaluation program to be assured from raw materials quality and providing an affordable products basket with focus to customers‟ satisfaction.

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